What to buy on Black Friday x Rosegal

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How do you feel about Black Friday, guys? Are you excited about the sales or quite indifferent to any shopping activities? As for me this year Black Friday is the same day as my birthday, yay! So I literary can't resist this shopping temptation. But I also keep in mind  upcomming winter holidays and try to think beforehand and get ready. 

Rosegal have massive sale this year and many awesome deals, you'll defenitely find something nice on their web site. And which is more - there are coupons! I love using coupons: you look at the grand total, insert the coupon code and watch it being reduced- pure magic of sales, isn't it?

So here are some of my ideas of what to buy on Black Friday:

1. Presents. November sale is a great opportunity to buy some presents at the good price without rush in the malls. There are so many cute sweaters, accessories and decoration pieces. 
2. Home decor. For me holidays are on when my home gets festive mood with decorated Christmas tree, candles, pillows and string lights. Especially I love string lights, it's the easies way to make waiting for holidays so magical. 
3. The very special dress. We girls know hol long it takes to find the right one. So, it's oficcialy time to start looking for.


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